Vuelo Eyewear is the fusion of timeless silhouettes with modern edge, and the alchemy of classic aviation eyewear with the present moment.

We are takers of trips, shunners of Comic Sans, and travellers to new cities.

We have an appreciation for elegant shapes and lines, a penchant that transcends our desire for shapely eyewear to the face of the wearer. The contours of our frames are designed to accentuate cheekbones and etch jawlines, whether via the stark contrast of our round lenses or the mimicry of topography that our more ovalesque models offer.

We love sunglasses for more than their aesthetic. We love the transformation of outlook and mentality that comes with slipping glasses over your eyes. The functionality of eyewear shields you from the world’s harshness, like the glare of concrete or the wallop of a whisky hangover. Eyewear helps you hide rosy eyes and pupil size. You can block out that bitch giving shade with your shades. Embrace yourself, or channel another.

Vuelo celebrates sunglasses, because we understand how heaven sent they can feel.

Viva la vida.

Who we are

Our team comes from far-flung locations and time zones. We’ve been emailing and swearing at Skype connections for a few years now from Goa, Mumbai, Las Vegas, Sydney, Adelaide and San Francisco. Our combined backgrounds include online media, tech, fashion and graphic design.

On the summer of 2014, we finally found the time to meet up in Austin, Texas to realise Vuelo Eyewear. We now have our HQ in Adelaide, Australia. We have been participating in really cool music festivals across the US and Australia since and there’s no going back now!

The vision for Vuelo Eyewear stemmed from the desire to create eyewear that embodies the functionality and style of classic aviation sunglasses. We wanted our glasses to reflect both sleek modernity and archetypal lines, yet possess the quality and personal touch of artisan craftsmanship.

Our Glasses

The quality of our glasses translates into the tactile. You can feel the craftsmanship and a pleasant heaviness in the palm of your hand with a pair of Vuelos.

We use hand-crafted Italian cellulose acetate for our frames. The hypoallergenic and stain-resistant substance is polished by hand on a jewellery-grade wheel, for a finish that will never peel, discolor or fade.

This variety of quality acetate was chosen both because we abhor flimsy plastic frames and because it is a sustainable material. Our frames are made from only renewable cotton fibers and wood pulp. They are comprised of renewable natural products and treated to be tough.